Stellantis Vehicles with 360L*: Frequently Asked Questions
Stellantis Vehicles with 360L*: Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access the Xtra channels?
There are many easy ways to access the 100+ ad-free music channels now available in your vehicle. You can access your Xtra channels within SiriusXM by tapping the For You or Related buttons. You can also browse the Genre Category Menus or Search for your favorite Xtra channel by name, artist and category. Once you’ve found the Xtra channels you want to hear, you can save it to your Favorites for easy access. This feature is not available in some models.

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What does creating a listener profile do for me?
You can create up to five listener profiles. This allows the driver, the co-pilot, and even backseat drivers to set up their own unique listening experience. Each profile gets its own SiriusXM favorites, personalized recommendations, listening history, and more. To set up a listener profile, tap the Profile button on the right side of the screen then tap the Add Listener button. Choose the image and add the name you want for your profile.

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How do I add Favorites with SiriusXM?
You can add channels, on-demand shows, and sports teams as Favorites so you have quicker access to the content you love. All you have to do is tap and hold the channel, show, or team logo on the SiriusXM screen. You can also tap and hold a Preset tile to save content to your Presets and to your SiriusXM Favorites. To access your SiriusXM Favorites, simply tap the Favorites star at the bottom of your screen.

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How do I access ad-free Personalized Stations Powered by Pandora?
There are many easy ways to create and access your personalized stations. To create a Pandora Station, simply press the Related button or the For You button and select the Pandora Station you want to listen to. The Pandora Stations will be customized based on the artists you are listening to. You can also Search for your favorite artist and create a Pandora Station based on that artist.

Once you’ve created a Pandora Station, you can save it to your Favorites, or you can access the station from the Profiles and Settings menu or your Listening History.

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How do I find SiriusXM On Demand shows or episodes?

To find On Demand content with voice search, tap the Search button on the right side of the screen, and speak the name of the channel, show, artist, or episode you’d like to hear. Tap the On Demand show or episode tile from the search results page to see available content.

To find On Demand content from the Now Playing Screen, tap the Related button on the horizontal navigation bar. Select the On Demand episode you want to hear. (The Related button will be greyed out if there is no related content.)

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Can’t hear SiriusXM content and / or missing 360L features?
Try these troubleshooting steps:

Step 1- Check for Satellite connection. Try to tune to channel 8 to confirm you are receiving a satellite signal and the radio is active.

-if receiving channel 8- then you have an active satellite connection. Go to Step 2.

-If NOT receiving channel 8- your radio may simply need a refresh signal. Have the Radio ID or VIN handy, then send a refresh signal. Once received, go to Step 2.

-If the refresh is unsuccessful, check to be sure you have an active demo or paid plan.

Step 2- Check for 360L Streaming connection. Try to tune to channel 703 to confirm you are receiving a streaming signal and the radio is active.

-If receiving channel 703- then you have an active 360L connection and are ready to go.

-If NOT receiving channel 703- To unlock all the content and features that are included in SiriusXM with 360L, proceed with the troubleshooting steps below:

A. Confirm whether the vehicle has a good cellular connection. Move the vehicle to a new location and check for channel 703 again. If this does not restore streaming connectivity, proceed to the next step.

B. Power cycle your radio. Turn the ignition off, open and close the driver's door, and wait a full 5 minutes for the vehicle to shut completely off. Every vehicle is different, so it may take some vehicles longer than others to completely power down. After 5 minutes, turn he vehicle back on. If the power cycle is unsuccessful, proceed to the next step.

C. Put the radio in Deep Sleep. Repeat step B, but allow your vehicle to completely power down without interaction for at least an hour. If the above steps were unsuccessful, please call us at 866-635-0179

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*Please Note: Certain features and/or content may not be available unless an active data connection is enabled in the vehicle. Content varies by subscription plan. Features and display may vary by vehicle.