SiriusXM with 360L* in Audi Vehicles: Frequently Asked Questions
SiriusXM with 360L* in Audi Vehicles: Frequently Asked Questions


How do I find SiriusXM On Demand content?
To find On Demand content, tap the Browse Icon (4 squares) on the top left corner of the screen. Then select a category (e.g. “Music”), then a Genre (e.g. “Pop”) you would like to listen to.  Tap the On Demand tab on the top right to display all the On Demand content available for your selected genre.  You can also see On Demand content recommended especially for you by tapping the “For You” icon in the “Browse” menu. 

What is the recommended “For You” feature on SiriusXM?
The “For You” screen shows personalized recommendations of channels and On Demand content based on your listening preferences. To see your personalized recommendations, tap the Browse Icon (4 Squares) on the top left corner of your screen. Then tap the “For You” Icon and choose the content you’d like to hear.

What is the “Related” feature on SiriusXM?
Like what you’re hearing? Tap the “Related” box on the right of your screen to find other channels and On Demand content that feature programming similar to what you’re tuned in to at any given moment.

Do I need to connect my mobile phone and/or have WiFi in order to access the streaming channels, On Demand content and internet services for SiriusXM with 360L?
No, you do not. To enjoy all the content and features included in your SiriusXM Platinum trial, you must make sure that your vehicle’s data connection is active. Please see your owner’s manual for instructions on how to activate your vehicle’s data connection.

Does SiriusXM with 360L require different or more expensive subscription packages?
No. SiriusXM with 360L can be supported by standard SiriusXM subscription packages. Internet services are included with all current packages. Streaming channels and On Demand content are included with Platinum and Music & Entertainment subscription plans. Of course, your Platinum Trial includes access to all SiriusXM with 360L streaming content and internet services, at no cost to you.

*Please Note: Certain features and/or content may not be available unless an active data connection is enabled in the vehicle. Content varies by subscription plan. Features and display may vary by vehicle.