SiriusXM with 360L* in BMW Vehicles: Frequently Asked Questions
SiriusXM with 360L* in BMW Vehicles: Frequently Asked Questions

With so much to listen to, how do I find the content I want to hear?

It’s incredibly easy to find the channels and content you love, and to discover new favorites. Here are some of the ways to do it:

1. Go to the For You screen on your vehicle’s SiriusXM Radio to get personalized recommendations that are curated just for you. The more you listen, the smarter the recommendations become.

2. Press Related to see channels and On Demand content related to what you’re currently listening to.

3. Press the Channel Up or Down buttons and then swipe through the entire lineup. Or, tune directly to the channel you want using the keyboard search feature.

4. Press Browse to view Genre Category menus for Music, Sports, News and Talk categories including satellite and streaming channels.

5. Select the Live Sports category via Sports Genre Category for pre-game, live, and post-game content all in one location.

6. You may also want to keep a full channel guide in your vehicle.

You can download a full channel guide here.

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How do I find SiriusXM On Demand content in my vehicle?

You can enjoy thousands of hours of past shows, performances, and interviews right in your vehicle, so you never have to miss a moment of your favorite celebs or artists! To find On Demand content, simply tap the Related button on your SiriusXM radio and select the On Demand tab. You can also go to the For You screen to see On Demand content recommended just For You based on your listening preferences.

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What is the recommended "For You" feature on SiriusXM?

The For You screen shows personalized recommendations of channels and On Demand content based on your listening history and SiriusXM Favorites. To see your personalized recommendations, navigate to the menu on the left side of the screen and select Categories under SiriusXM, and then select the “For You” tab and choose the content you’d like to hear.

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What is the “Related” feature on SiriusXM?

Like what you’re hearing? Simply press the Related button from the Function bar on the right side of the screen to find other channels and content that feature programming similar to what you’re tuned in to at any given moment.

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How do I save my SiriusXM Favorites in my vehicle?

Saving channels (including ones for your favorite sports team) and On Demand content as Favorites gives you quicker access to the content you love. To save a Favorite, tune to a channel or On Demand content then tap the "Add to Favorites" button on the Function Bar on the right side of the screen. To access your saved Favorites, tap the Genre Category menu on the left of the screen then tap the SiriusXM Favorites tab.

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How do I access ad-free Pandora stations?

There are many easy ways to create and access your personalized Pandora stations. To create a Pandora Station, on your SiriusXM radio, simply press the Related button or the For You button and select the Pandora Station you want to listen to. You can also Search for your favorite artist and create a Pandora Station based on that artist. Once you’ve created a Pandora Station, you can save it to your SiriusXM Favorites or vehicle presets. The Pandora Stations you create will be customized based on the artists you are listening to and you can thumbs up or down a tune to customize the station to your likes.

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Does SiriusXM with 360L require different or more expensive plans?

No. SiriusXM with 360L can be supported by standard SiriusXM plans. Internet services are included with all current packages. Streaming channels and On Demand content are included with Platinum and Music & Entertainment subscription plans. Of course, your Platinum Trial includes access to all SiriusXM with 360L streaming content and internet services.

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Can’t hear SiriusXM content and / or missing 360L features?

Try these troubleshooting steps:

Step 1- Check for Satellite connection. Try to tune to channel 8 to confirm you are receiving a satellite signal and the radio is active.

-if receiving channel 8- then you have an active satellite connection. Go to Step 2.

-If NOT receiving channel 8- your radio may simply need a refresh signal. Have the Radio ID or VIN handy, then send a refresh signal. Once received, go to Step 2.
-If the refresh is unsuccessful, check to be sure you have an active demo or paid plan.

Step 2- Check for 360L Streaming connection. Try to tune to channel 703 to confirm you are receiving a streaming signal and the radio is active.

-If receiving channel 703- then you have an active 360L connection and are ready to go.

-If NOT receiving channel 703- To unlock all the content and features that are included in SiriusXM with 360L, proceed with the troubleshooting steps below:

A. Check to see if the Data Privacy has the correct setting:

  • From the Home screen select “Car” from the menu on the left side.
  • Select “Settings” from the menu on the left side. Next select “General Settings” then select “Data Privacy” and then select “Individual Selection”
  • Once in the “Configure Services” Menu Screen, you will see the “SiriusXM Online Connectivity” If this is selected, 360L will operate as normal. If this is un-selected, 360L will be placed in Data Privacy Mode. ​

If this does not restore streaming connectivity, proceed to the next step.

B. Confirm whether the vehicle has a good cellular connection. Move the vehicle to a new location and check for channel 703 again. If this does not restore streaming connectivity, proceed to the next step.

C. Power cycle your radio. Turn the ignition off, open and close the driver's door, and wait a full 5 minutes for the vehicle to shut completely off. Every vehicle is different, so it may take some vehicles longer than others to completely power down. After 5 minutes, turn the vehicle back on. If the power cycle is unsuccessful, proceed to the next step.

D. Put the radio in Deep Sleep. Repeat step B, but allow your vehicle to completely power down without interaction for at least an hour. If the above steps were unsuccessful, please call us at 866-635-0179

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*Please Note: Certain features and/or content may not be available unless an active data connection is enabled in the vehicle. Content varies by subscription plan. Features and display may vary by vehicle.